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the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

sunny in the afternoon

after lunch i stayed in the dorm and strode.till 1:30 pm i started to read and immediately encouraged to see my baby now that the sunshine so bright.when i arrived the old woman had held my baby out,so i copied the video i shot yesterday to my udisk intendingly to upload to i went to fetch my bayb,and i found them in the south garden on the chorus consisted mostly of aged women and frequently sang songs granting mothership singing there and 3 girl students in front of my baby and soon left after caught sight of baby in a cap and very cute.i immediately caressed him and the old woman asked for baby played awhile on the tablet and asked for food.the grocer suggested chokolate at a price of 1 yuan.we bought.the woman started to tease my baby,so i suggested to pay back the juice another grocer lent us baby admitted and we bought an ice stick and a bottle of water baby now understood a lot of talks we had and frequently hum to reply me in points.after played awhile on the sportsyard and the sunshine darkened we home he laughed a lot with hide and see behind the curtain of the balcony in sunshine.i accompanied him playing till 4:30 am and then we went outside to receive his mother returning from her school.the watch dog of the school approached us 2 or 3 times to hinder us entering the school and we left with disgusts.then we near again the grocery whose daughter familiar with us and now lured us to buy her fried sausage.i tried to block my baby’s request for his mother not let me buing food on street but gave up upon my baby’s cries.the we triple united and heading home.i ate dinner there and returned.
almost 2 hours spent on html grammar practise trying to customize my profile on really troublesome on allowing html frequently errored when the code works well in
bye.i love u in stary sky in late autumn night.hope u allowed me to enjoy my personal peace life with my old family when u still refused to lend me ur hands.
some more pictures shot yesterday.i don’t want to waste them.

the Son review the autumn sunshine

Jan 2, 2005 – 4 Photos

Get this video and more at


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