China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

in fact the sky is blue in daytime

in the afternoon i spent about an hour in the sunshine on the bench after returned from the cafe.then i returned to the cafe to modify my youtube the rest of time i roamed in the garden till the sun fell down to the skyline of the reef of the opposing dorm.i worried my budget but i still think i m sufficed to do what in need and in want.after dinner here i tried to find some firends to talk with with i settled and won 2 approvals.the road tends to be opener ahead.
i also subscribed some rss feed within google reader.i like science reports.i really enjoy the web.
u r likely under presure of finding a job duely.i bewith u the goodwill for our fortune in this land,in our kingdom to reclaim.i don’t know where is my village to settle but u r my outpost.i endured in tunnel so far but i walked through so many death match mine and i doomed to see the opening space.god,god in grace see my tumble and my righteousness.
bye.i love i spent whole day alone,abiding my baby’s mother’s asking.i hope i can hear his mother buzzing me tonight to let me know if i can see my baby tomorrow.kiss u with sole miss.


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