China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

soft bright morning sunshine

i woke up at 7:23 am and got up at 7:53 am.last night i went to bed on time but likely in dream i felt keeping awake while don’t fatigued.i first dreamed in a attic with glass roof,we couple,with my wife in pregnance,with other 2 families shared the same room,all on bed while the pouring rain leaking in stream from the roof on the floor.then i felt had to relieve the urine which made me i got up and found dawn paled the curtain.returned from the toilet i met a guy with a cap on his head peaking the tv room facing my door.i in fact now don’t know my visiting toilet real or in dream.then on bed i continued dreaming the dorm administrators entered and left,and i just slept.then then interrupted me to let me know i shitted on the bed under my body and foul the whole building.and i know a crowd outside of the door peeking.i looked and really i shitted on bed.before these two dreams i dreamed another dream but it now evaded me.after woke up i missed jamie,who changed her picuture to show her maturity.these days i sometimes skimmed ‘be friend with god’ and so encouraged to trust god that i sometimes just had to lay it aside to let the feeling of plenty to stay.
last night i buzzed my baby’s mother and she agree my visiting my baby tomorrow.he is the brightest star in my silver velvet sky.we r all son of god.he enchanted me so much,and enhenced me so from the holy message from ‘be friend with god’,i know the best trust is trust needless,to let urself absolutely independent.i indeed trust my baby in deep heart,i just can’t help loving him so smotheringly.
bye.dear.i now in a cafe far from starsea but within the zone of qrrs.i love u with settlement,with trust.kiss u with dear.


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