China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

dark day

i got up at 8:11am.last night dogs bited lately and let me had to went
to lavatory room to shit after 3 or 4 am.when i went there i met a
girl leaving in the corridor.i had the full day indoor with my baby
except a break for showering in common bathroom where i was alone in
the room to the morning the ground was somewhat
wet,indicating last night was dirty around me and i was cleaned by the baby's mother allowed to leave home after 9 am so we
gathered awhile.i cared my baby playing until he slept on my shoulders
near 11 am.when i felt can't bear i shifted to hug him to let him
sleep.he woke up near 11:30 am and peacefully sat on my laptop to
watch tv.its rare for him for he always likes to play lunch
he ate less and played around the table for some time.his grandmom
also there.after lunch i shown his mother i works on settling her
accounts on youtube and played alone on the web after she left and
slept.i soon fed up with slow speed of surf experience and found my
baby peacefully in his grandmom's arms to i left to
shower.when i returned i met his mother leaving for shower.i held my
baby playing in the rest of afternoon.when his mother returned we
played with him together and let him laugh a lot.i left till i felt
gloomy on my odyssey for my second marriage.
the starsea cafe locked my pc just after some minutes after i login to
my google and i burst to the short girl who always troubled my usage
of pc here.
bye. days and nights i fighted for u,i don't know what a course i m in
but i forever stay.
i love u.kiss u.
tonight likely to snow as i gladly predicated several days ago.its
would be uncomparable blessing.


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