China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

ordinary sunny morning

last night my baby's mother asked for net storage for her video file
in our daily bless and i felt she now become enjoying i
felt encouraged to went to cafe again after 9 pm to publish her
googlepages and registered her another youtube account.i finished
after 11 pm.before i finished some persons haunted around my seat and
i was heavily bited.however,i felt accomplished on the way returning
to the night i felt weakest bite on me,but i however still
fell into sleep a bit late.i had to get up to make water before i fell
into the dawn i remembered i dreamed first a man determined
to improve railway's efficience and offer people a cheaper and faster
railway.but he was hunted by a laidoff of railway,likely a foremore
watchman.but the determined man finally succeeded.then i was brought
into the western area of china and there an old woman whose hometown
was eastern of china collecting a lots of old coins of ancient china
and with a woman caring her.she had a nice sword and won anothe young
woman by only a poise in their the end we r on a train to
eastern china and its aftermath i can't memory now.
its peaceful cafe till now.i first time enjoy the widescreen lcd of
brand acer.gamers babbled but that's the pleisure of digital life.i
will saw my baby after posted here.i can't see the width and depth of
surveilance of dog but i enjoyed the peace by now.last night in cafe
after i posted my email to my blogger successfully via proxy and just
when i browseing a political group within google group the web was cut
off.and i had to switched to surf without the surveilance
penetrating the proxy,through the byte flow.every internet cafe's
registeration card seemingly serialized in the united number
series,indicating from a centual monitor.
bye.i love u.china never can seperate from the world.the brutal
surveilance system by dog and its dictated host never survived a
century.changes underwent unnoticeable.i saw the world under god's
united kingdom all over.
kiss u with bright.


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