China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

bright sun,clear cloud in pale blue sky

last night i read my blog on my pda till 1:03 bited heavily
before i went to the morning i dreamed riding a double seat
bike with my wife and watching a teacher painting on blackboard to
pormote a lecture will be offered by a chinese study 'master'.i woke
up at 9:50 am and got up at 10:39 started to bite before i woke
up and it forced me to rest in silence after i got up and sat on bed the canteen there r quite some girls i don't know
where they r from.a cop in uniform picked to sit aside me and drank a
bottle of soft drink and left.
in the cafe farer than starsea cafe,i powered 3 pcs but all hardware
failed after i login the cafe's register recently likely
bargained with me.i can't access https of gmail but http of gmail
workable and i can compose email in it even
can't access directly from input in url,but accessible from ur login
gmail personal homepage of google was blocked for 2
days.logout of google's quite some service lost response,likely cut
off by dog or stealing cookies from login pc.torpark on my writeproof
udisk also set to fail,and proxies i tried some were set to
still felt they r charging all and allowed to work around within their
broken dog machine.
bye.its not a bad day even sunshine sometimes white washed by unclear
cloud around the sun.i hope i can hear u around the new year.i love
u.kiss u with bright.


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