China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

pale day

i spent an overnight in the cafe near my once working place busy with register my baby and his mother their blogs synchoron with and .i also tried a blog client,post2blog,which very handy,more powerful than blogwriter for its can support proxy setting for individule blog account.i added all my family blogs accounts to its account manager and found its great it is that i saw my struggle with speedier blogging leading its hacked me first and even let all of my net connection failed and force me backup my working and restart the pc.when working more time on it,i enjoyed normal surfing speed and my works benefited a lot from the absent of hacking.however,when its near 7 am while its still dark outside i didn’t noticed the warn to be time out and lost my work after forced shut down abrupt.the overnight costed me 10 yuan including 3 yuan for a bottle of cola.i enjoyed its 19 inch lcd.when i returned to the dorm qrrsers heading to their working the dorm i felt dozy after wondered awhile so i went to bed,but dog bited me heavily and let me alert.i finally gave up to sleep and got up and wandering in the room till lunch time.
last afternoon i spent 3 hours in a cafe about 4 miles apart from the area of my baby’s mother’s costed me 6 yuan.when i returned a cop car followed me.i rode my new bike with bare head and bare hands.when i arrived my baby’s mother’s home they had finished their dinner but there were food left for baby cried a lot when i first busy with sorting the configuration of firefox and later with copy some multimedia for baby onto his mother’s notebook.he later glad to interrupt the kid son of the kid sister,preventing him from shut the door.his mother complained i spoilt him and i a time also felt he was troublesome,but i finally spent time caring him.when he settled with milk his mother let me left and did.
bye.i felt in high spirit even the weather remind me of dangers.i love u,like sunshine over the sky.kiss u with bright.


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