China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

rainy days, now cloudy

these days mostly raining days. i enjoyed them very much. the rhythm of the rain, esp. in night, very tender and ignited my longings for my home town in central China, where rains in summer were common.

my baby still lingered in Beijing. these days our video interview always problematic, mostly the Beijing side video broken or stopped. i talked with the guy on the side about it and this morning it worked well when my baby talked with us on the other side. the grandma ate ice stick and fed baby mouth to mouth, like our couples did, that let me repulsive and upset. the grandma even wanted to talk to me on screen. i of course shut it. i longing my baby very much these days, while ema indifferent on this. she just too avid to earn via tutoring, which in fact quite a kind of chores, like let and test students’ remember English words, there is few creativity in it. baby don’t belong to her, that’s sure, for she isn’t nature a qualified mother.

these days i more or less fed up with reading on tech news. i switched to be engaged in site building. i did quite some amendment on my sites. dog in China surveillance no doubt messed a lot in the mid and i had to endure broken pages and countless wait.

that’s my days. i look forward more message from the world of the west, which means prosperity and democracy, in a word, truth. i know i worked hard to prepare my hospitality, and i think my way to straighten God’s road rewards.

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