China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

undue task in the peaceful afternoon (repost)

some of the page, honorable links, posted for some time and missing some of my new claimed sites link, and even worse, the more links in the page wrongly linked and can’t reach its destiny. so this afternoon i updated the page with all my family site’s links and fine tuned its layout, and last but not least, re-post it onto most of my family google groups, some more serious google groups, like my home town and my college, i made it available as a file on the site, not in a page that can be view directly in site.

now i felt easier to know that anyone interest in my advocacy can find me and join the universal force to arrive a brighter future, in China or outside of China.

a sample page of this complement can be found at , and in file at

its a nice afternoon, with milk sunshine outside of the window. with its warm tune, i felt the plenty of the world.

for unfamiliar with utterz new interface, this post in yesterday didn’t auto-post to my main blogs, so here re-post it so as to let it add as a entry onto my main blogs on different hosting sites.

Mobile post sent by benzillar using Utterzreply-count Replies.


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