China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

site faezrland’s logo redesigned

several days ago i shown baby logos i newly designed, ie. oneizh, imaekit, emake, he instantly asked for the ownership of these logos. that reminded me i should stick to tradition and should live with my old namespace. so i doubting if i should retouch my old sites’ logos, esp. that of faezrland, my first namespace. the day before yesterday i finished its version 2. its nice surely. but yesterday i doubting if i can find more detailed feather clip art from the web, for i don’t equipped with sketching and drawing. with Chinese search engine i did found some clip art can download within domestic websites, unlike in western world where most clip art online had to buy to use. i prepared the stuff at noon and just when i ready to design, the corporate lan went down and i had no access to the Internet. i returned home earlier, around 2 pm and continued broken task. after ema&baby returned, we dine out for yesterday is my birthday. we ate fried beef in a Korean style restaurant. returned home and after baby left the pc to me after watching dvds, i worked till 11 pm before i finished&uploaded to my sites. i don’t know if its my best works, but i felt i was contented.

now i can live peacefully and longer with my old sites, like faezrland, benzyrnill, etc.

for utterli can only post a picture a time, the version 2 logo of faezrland at…zrland.png ,or…og/Benlogo .check it.

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