China Democracy

the world belongs to democracy. bring democracy into China, the old glory bond land.

a fruitful day, with ema&warren’s qzone, and ema

another busy day. in the morning i tried to setup warren’s qzone, a Chinese mainstream im community, but heavily been blocked by China surveillance. Internet access down for 2 or 3 time in the corporate lan, and the pc was hacked to respond very slow. till 3 pm the situation changed a bit, i finished task swiftily, including failed countlessly posting first blogentry onto warren’s qzone. the qzone yet been recognized by qq mail, the bundle from the same csp, tencent, resulted in i can’t post to warren’s qzone viahis qq mail, saying the qzone don’t exist. however i can access the qzone from its universal url at .
after work time i launched to claim ema’s qzone and qq alumni. warren’s qq alumni too early to open, ruled by the csp’s service term. i finished it till ema almost finished her dinner. she today got angry with me for i worked lately at noon to inform her that i want to linger in office. however, she glad to see the works i brought about, even didn’t bother to complain about her privacy as she frequently cared about cyberspace i boasted to her usually. the first phrase of claiming ema’s qzone&qq alumni also painful, lagged heavily by Internet traffic with which dog in China surveillance likely gated realtime manually, but later dogs in China surveillance likely permitted the operation, let me accomplish in time.
its a nice day. the weather is clear and hot. i enjoyed the neaty space on the web of my family.
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